Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pregnancy Update 4 brain cannot seem to function properly these days. I am SO forgetful and just doing very silly things. For instance, my students were having their specials time at P.E. When it was time to pick them up, I proceeded to walk myself down to music then realized as I approached the door that my students were all the way across the school at P.E. Today my alarm went off at 4:45 like usual. Instead of snoozing the alarm for ten more minutes like I do every. day., I instead set it for 6:30?!? Was I dreaming that 6:30 was the time I should get up?!? Well, it put me late to my appointment and late to school and in CRAZY traffic!

Anyway, to the good stuff (: I was able to waltz right in to the doctor's office and be out within 10 minutes. So lovely! I always call at 12:30 and leave a message to let them know I am still waiting for my results (; I usually receive a call very quickly after that but did not today. They did not call until 4:20! I was growing evermore impatient and my little mind began to worry a bit!

She called to say that my numbers quadrupled!! That's right..they are moving in the right direction. BUT, my progesterone is still low. I get to once again be put on a new medication. Can't remember what it's called but it starts with a C. Sorry, I know that's not much help. For those of you that may not know, Progesterone plays a very important role in pregnancy. Every month your lining around your uterus will either shed and you will get your period, or it will thicken because you have become pregnant and your rising progesterone levels will keep it in tact. If you have low progesterone like me, you have repeated miscarriages because your lining sheds prematurely. So, I will start this new medication that hopefully will help this issue. I am just so thankful to be feeling pregnant and welcome every little symptom (:

I go back once again on Monday for more blood work! This is getting to be quite tedious but if it means I have to go throughout my whole pregnancy to monitor things, I will do it. I am thankful to work with an administration and teammates that fully understand and have been so supportive. So blessed!

Thank again for the hugs, prayers, letters, and emails! I am so thankful for all of you! (And if you are tired of hearing that, get over it (;..)

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