Monday, September 12, 2011

Pregnancy Update 3

Well friends, I went back to the doc this morning bright and early (got there at 6:45) to get my betas checked again. When I pulled into the parking lot (half asleep..), I was able to get a great parking spot! When I looked at the sign in front it said "Expecting Mothers". I honestly started to back up and move when I realized that, "Hey! That's ME!" I pulled right in there and off I went. It is honestly just weird for me to feel like that right now because I am in such a limbo, ya know?

So I waited very impatiently all day for the doctor to call (ask my co-workers), and finally at dismissal when it is seriously a mad house of writing down homework, passing out graded papers, giving them last minute reminders, and watching each child little by little scurry off to the appropriate doctor calls. I very sternly asked my kids to PLEASE be quiet so that I could take a very important phone call. They were so sweet and did just as I asked so I could talk to the doctor in private. To my surprise my numbers have TRIPLED! That's right..amongst the bleeding this weekend, my numbers are continuing to rise as they are supposed to. I was honestly shocked. The nurse was so sweet and so optimisic (which I am not used to). I told her I was still bleeding and she said not to worry unless it gets very heavy AND I am in alot of pain. They two must be together. So here I am, in another waiting period (:

I go back to the doc on Thursday for once again more blood work. I think I will ask for an ultrasound for the next week to see if there is "something there". I seriously don't know how to feel. I am happy, scared, anxious, and optimistic all the same. I want more than anything for this pregnancy to last the entire 40 weeks and deliver a healthy baby. But if it doesn't, I need to be secure in my faith and know that God is in control. Miscarriage or healthy baby, He is in control. I know I say this alot but I need to remind myself frequently as we all do.

PLEASE continue to pray for me and this little bean growing! I know I am asking for your prayers, but I also know that God is listening to all of them! Thank you again and again for your continued support! You truly have been inspiring to me.

Here are the pregnancy tests I took!

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