Sunday, July 24, 2011

TTC Lingo

So, I have this fertility app on my phone and it is called "What to Expect", you know like the books?
It has actually been really handy in helping me keep track of things on a calendar so that I can share information with my doctor and such! Apart of this app comes a link for reading and posting on discussion boards. You choose one based on where you are in your journey. Of course most of what I read is on the Trying to Conceive board. The first few times I read posts from other ladies that are trying to have a baby, I literally had NO clue what they were saying. It was as if they were talking in another language and I was so confused! I thought I would share some of the lingo that I have learned and give you a feel for a normal post (:
TTC - Trying to concieve
BD- Baby Dance
OPK- Ovulation test
POAS- Pee on a stick
DH-Dear husband
AF-Aunt Flo
BCP-Birth control pills
BFP-Big fat positive (on a pregnancy test)
BFN-Big fat negative
BPM-Beats per minue (baby's heartbeat)
CD-Cycle day
EDD-Estimated due date
HPT-Home pregnancy test
LP-Luteal Phase
NTNP-Not trying, not preventing
PNV-Prenatal vitamin
BBT-Basal Body Temperature

And really these are just a few of what I have seen!! Could you imagine opening a post and trying to decode what in the world these women are talking about?!? Now this would be a normal post that I might find on one of these boards...ready?

"Help! DH and I have been TTC for 4 months. I am on CD 16 and had a -OPK! I am worried that my LP is too short!! Could it be that I have only been off BCP for 4 months? Should I start testing my BBT on a normal basis and then go from there? Ughh!! My AF usually arrives on between CD 26-28. That would put my LP at only 10 or 11 days if I O'd on CD 16. Let me know your thoughts!"

I really just made that up I promise (: Seriously though? I googled "Trying to Conceive" lingo to be able to start reading what these ladies have to say. Now I get bout' you??

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  1. Girl, I hate to say it doesn't get any easier! I'm still trying to figure out sentences like: "My ODD was FF but my LO is BF and STTN, DH says that I should be a SAHM but idk?" I think it would be just as easy to type the stuff out instead of needing a dictionary to figure it out! Good Luck! ;)