Friday, July 15, 2011

Fertility Specialist

So I got a call today and I have an appointment for next Thursday with a fertility specialist! I am kind of excited about it, but of course a little nervous too. I am not sure what this appointment will entail other than medical history and talking about what has happened lately and the path we have been on with my OBGYN. I honestly thought it would take a couple of months to get an appointment but boy was I wrong!! I filled out all of the paperwork online two days ago and received a phone call from a very nice receptionist today. I feel like we are taking all of the appropriate steps that we can take, which makes me breathe easier (:  I will be about to ovulate when I go so I am hoping to get some blood work done to check my progesterone levels. I take Prometrium starting at day 14 of my cycle every month (except for the past 3 because I am cheap and didn't want to spend the money..). That is beside the point though (; I will start taking that next Wednesday, the day before my appointment. I think it is all coming at the perfect timing! Maybe I will just get pregnant this month and THEN I will have a specialist to see me through the pregnancy...that would be even better (: Yes, I am very optimistic in this whole process, otherwise it can be very easy to get down on yourself and sulk. I don't want to sulk. Last day of Clomid!!! YAY! Glad those five days always go by pretty quickly (:

Click here to visit the website of the fertility specialists I will be visiting next week. If you click on "staff" on the left handside, the doctor I will be seeing is the first one on the page. Have a great weekend!!

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