Sunday, July 10, 2011

So what is next?

Tomorrow I begin my 5th round of Clomid. Some of you may not know what Clomid is so here is a little explaination from

Clomid is the most well-known fertility drug, probably because it is the most commonly used. And with good reason. About 25% of female factor infertility involves a problem with ovulation, and clomiphene citrate, as a fertility drug, is easy to use (taken as a pill, not an injection), with not too many side effects, is pretty inexpensive compared to other fertility drugs, and is effective in stimulating ovulation 80% of the time.

So basically, I take a couple pills everyday for 5 days out of my cycle. Usually around the last day of taking the medicine, side effects kick in and last for the remainder of my cycle. It took some getting used to for sure but now it doesn't bother me as much. As I mentioned in my last post, I have one more cycle of Clomid after this month. Every month is a hopeful month of becoming pregnant, but what happens if I do not get pregnant in the next two months? What is next?

We need to find a specialist. I really like my doctor but I am not sure that he is as troubled or worried about all of this as Nick and I are. We are ready to take the next step in trying to have a child, whatever that may be. I guess this week will be filled me calling up the doc and making an appointment to discuss options, and also looking for a fertility specialist! I was reading a blog a few days back where a woman put her journey out there as well for the world to read. She was also taking Clomid with no success and her and her husband visited a specialist. They decided to go the IUI route (Click here for an explanation of IUI) Well, all of her meds came in and she was ready to start the process and guess what??? She found out she was pregnant that month. I really enjoyed reading her story and it is part of my motivation to do this.

This morning in church we sang this song and the lyrics are everything I want to be and do. Thought I would share this small source of joy today (:

                    Jesus, I Come

  1. Out of my shameful failure and loss,
    Jesus, I come, Jesus, I come;
    Into the glorious gain of Thy cross,
    Jesus, I come to Thee;
    Out of earth’s sorrows, into Thy balm,
    Out of life’s storms and into Thy calm,
    Out of distress to jubilant psalm,
    Jesus, I come to Thee.
  2. Out of unrest and arrogant pride,
    Jesus, I come, Jesus, I come;
    Into Thy blessed will to abide,
    Jesus, I come to Thee;
    Out of myself to dwell in Thy love,
    Out of despair, into raptures above,
    Upward for aye on wings like a dove,
    Jesus, I come to Thee.
  3. Out of the fear and dread of the tomb,
    Jesus, I come, Jesus, I come;
    Into the joy and light of Thy home,
    Jesus, I come to Thee;
    Out of the depths of ruin untold,
    Into the peace of Thy sheltering fold,
    Ever Thy glorious face to behold,
    Jesus, I come to Thee.

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