Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh Wednesday...

I am in the works with getting an appointment with a Fertility Specialist! It is a group out of Sandy Springs that a friend had success with and recommended. I am filling out paperwork and will be in touch with someone to make an appointment in the next couple of days. Obviously in the back of my mind I am hoping I will not even have to go, but it will be there none the less if that is what we need to do (: Today marks day 3 of Clomid and the lovely hotflashes and headaches that follow...uggh! Only two more days of pills though. I can hang.

Well I did visit the Thrive store in Kennesaw and bought a few goodies! Protein bars, Popchips, Nature's Own Double Fiber Wheat bread, and a couple other things.

These are really yummy and a great replacement for normal potato chips! They are popped, not baked or fried! They satisfy that crunch you get with potato chips, without the calories of course!

This bread is one of the only approved for Thrive and luckily really good! Gives you the right amount of protein and fiber.

This is commonly referred to as "cardboard" or "dry wall". Great. BUT it is full of fiber, keeps you really full and is great with peanut butter!

So today I am staying inside and beating the heat. I am trying to get some housework done but I am not too motivated...hopefully it will kick in soon (: 

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