Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The calm before the storm...

I start back to work in 6 days. Tomorrow I have to go for a leadership meeting for 3 hours. I am NOT ready! This is the first year that I have honestly not worked a couple days a week in my classroom all summer long, spent a good bit of money buying new things, and anticipating going back to work! Don't get me wrong, I do love my job! I love making my classroom and fun and inviting environment, watching students grow by leaps and bounds, and also hanging out with some of my best friends everyday (; BUT...teaching. is. hard. It is stressful and time consuming...actually ALL consuming. I am reading The End of Molasses Classes by Ron Clark and it is getting me fired up to teach. I know the impact I have on these kids and this book is getting me a step closer to being ready. In 6 days.

I think the stress of trying to get pregnant does weigh in on my hesitations this summer with going back to work  As much as I love to teach, I want even more to be a mother. It is just almost impossible for me to manage a household, teach, lesson plan, grade papers, write and respond to emails and phone calls, AND try to have a baby. Not everyone understands what it means to "try" to have a baby. I am on medication, going to doctors appointments, taking ovulation tests daily, and trying to chart everything that is going on with my body! I have so enjoyed the stress free life this summer and just getting to "go with the flow" a little more, focus on having a kid, and spending more time with my husband. I think it solidfies even more that when God is ready for me to have a child, I would really like to work towards staying at home. It is just what's for me I think. Either that or opening my dream school (;

On a side note I have not gotten any of my bloodwork back! I am getting a little bit impatient as it has been a week and a half. The specialist called today to say that Nick checked out perfectly so that is good news! They asked me to call my OBGYN to see what the hold up was so I did. They said that they are waiting on one test to get back to send the results to the specialist and it should be "a day or two." So I continue to play the waiting game for a little longer.

Pray for me as the school year begins that I can manage it all without the stress!

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