Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Month to Month

Every month is the same process over. and. over. Stressing about becoming pregnant is no longer an issue for me, but the monotony of taking meds and timing gets to be a bit tedious. And then there is the TWW (two week wait..). The part I absolutely have grown to hate!! During these two weeks I analyze every symptom and relate it back to the fact that I "could" be pregnant. Like right now for instance. The whole reason I decided to blog was because I have felt weird all day. Crampy. Tired. Nauseous. So of CoUrSe my little pregnant wanna-be brain jumps to the fact that I COULD be pregnant. Good grief. So here is what I have decided to focus on instead of "well maybe your pregnant!"

1. Grading papers. Sound silly?? Well everyday I just let them pile up and then on the weekend bust my tail to get them all graded. NO MORE! I will grade some every night.

2. Exercise more. I need more strength training. Zumba is my best workout friend, but I gotta do better with the whole weights thing.

3. Pandora and my Bible. Enough said. Need them both the same time.

4. Stop reading the "What to Expect" discussion groups. I tend to over analyze a bit and this feeds the madness. If you haven't, head over to the website and just check it out. You may break out into hives...
                                      Go know you want to (:

Short list, but it's all I got for now. I don't have much time at night, but the time I do have has to be focused on other things for sure! My next post may be the two week wait news! Am I, or aren't I?? That is ALWAYS the question (;

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