Tuesday, November 29, 2011


In this crazy recurrent miscarriage life that I live, there is this ugly thing called the TWW (two week wait). When you are trying to have a baby, charting, temping, drugging yourself, and so forth...the time between ovulation and your period or a positive pregnancy test is the absolute worst. It is the time when you analyze every symptom and relate to previous pregnancies to try and guess if you could be pregnant or not. In other words, it's awful! See, there is no "it will happen when you least expect it" when you have issues with getting pregnant (or staying pregnant in my case). I know what day of my cycle I am on at all times, I chart everything, I record every symptom, and wait and pray and hope that this is THE month.

It can be pretty exhausting sometimes and I can get pretty psycho about it all at times, but it is the life I live! I can't just "relax" and "wait for it to happen"...that's not how my body works! I have to treat this issue like anyone else with any other ailment treats theirs. We are taking a break for the fertility specialist for a little while since we got the go ahead to keep trying on our own. I will keep taking extra folic acid and progesterone supplements for the last two weeks of my cycle. We know I have low progesterone which is part of the cause for my miscarriages.

I read a lot of blogs. It's almost therapy for me because I read blogs with families that are struggling with pregnancy. Sometimes it's nice to know that others out there can relate to your issues and give you a different perspective. There are few that I stick close too particularly because we share the same faith and I love to see how God is working in their lives and throughout the tough times. I think in my next post I will link some of them for you to read. Many of them have done multiple IUI's, IVF's, and overall just tried and failed for years. It is heartbreaking but also gives me so much hope that so many of them are pregnant now and carrying their babies beautifullly.

Nick and I put a contract on a home in West Cobb and it fell through today after the inspection. The foundation is crumbling ): We really liked the house and what it could be for us, but it's apparent that God has a better home for us. It just wasn't the right one. Although we are out $350 for the inspections, we could have been out thousands and thousands if we wouldn't have had a very throrough inspection. Thankful for that!

Well, I will continue in my TWW and in 8 days figure out what's going on this month! Always hopeful because my God can do BIG things (:

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