Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Confusing Life...

Well..I wasn't going to share this but I thought about it and guess I might as well! A few days before my period finally came I got this..
(scroll down..posting via I-phone is a bit tricky!)

Yep..that would be a positive test! I didn't really know what to think and kinda just shrugged it off. My period cane on Monday so I figured it must have been a false positive (accept apparently that never happens). Something told me to check a couple of tests I had taken a couple weeks back and yep...both positive. I am not very patient when it comes to waiting the three minutes for the result and I usually just throw them out after 30 seconds or so.

You know it's just really confusing at this point. Did I have another miscarriage?? Was it a chemical pregnancy??? I know for sure it wasn't left over pregnancy hormone from my last miscarriage. They tracked my numbers back to zero. No, I haven't called the doctor because I just need a break from the madness. We will see her soon enough!

Needless to say, I took another test few minutes ago, set it on the sink, and ran out of the room. Period is pretty much done so I just thought I would check..

Why does it have to be this hard and this confusing??? I was thinking on the way home from work, after I bought more tests, that there is no telling how many tests I have taken over the past couple of years!

Anyway, there ya go. Just thought it would make me feel better if I didn't keep that all inside (; I already feel much better!

So what am I gonna do? Not much. Pray about it and let it go. It's in His hands now!

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