Monday, November 7, 2011

Just Another Monday..

Today was quite the day! I had to dress like Alexander Graham Bell and teach the same lesson five times. I started my period (first since last miscarriage) and was in pretty awful pain most of the day. I sufferered through! I had an extra body wrap in my purse and put that sucker on! It heats up and made my cramps SO much better!

With the start of this cycle, it has really got me thinking about where Nick and I should go from here. We are supposed to make an appointment with the fertility specialist but I have been putting it off. Part of me is so ready to just right in to IVF, but the other part of me knows the financial burden it will put on us if we do! What if it doesn't work the first time? Then what?? We are still searching for answers on what happens next. I just pray that God will show us soon!

Is dumb that the money is what is standing in our way? Should be we keep trying for awhile longer? Yeah...I don't know either (;

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