Sunday, November 20, 2011

Family Fun and Other Updates (:

My brother and his family moved into a new house this weekend, so I kept my nephew Brayden (5) and my niece Emma Grace (18 months). I went to meet my brother and sister-in-law on Friday night in Canton to pick them up. Brayden was so excited and Emma Grace was a little hesitant, especially when my brother walked away from the car after putting her in her car seat. She whimpered for about a minute and then was fine. This was the first spend the night party with Aunt Kristen (:

All Brayden was worried about was seeing Uncle Nick and Emma Grace would not let me put her down! We didn't get home until after 9:00 pm and Emma Grace was asleep shortly after we got home, put on PJ's, and watched Brayden play the Wii.

I put Emma Grace in the bed and Brayden and I waited for Uncle Nick to get home before heading off to bed ourselves. We all slept really well and got up at about 8:30 Saturday morning. Emma Grace would still not let me put her down, so I managed to make pancakes, feed both of them, and clean up with her in my arms. Luckily her big brother sat in the chair and watched cartoons while I jumped in the shower. We all got dressed and sat down to watch Brayden play the Wii for a little bit and Emma Grace fell asleep again. Around 12:30, we all got cleaned up again and headed out to McDonald's! They ate their happy meals and we headed out to the playground.

They had lots of fun!! We soon headed back home for the Georgia game and naps. Brayden, Emma Grace, Sadie (our dog) and I all fell asleep in the same chair while watching the game. We had a good nap and when we woke up it was time to pack up and head to Cumming! I got to see their new house coming together and Brayden was excited to see his room that was pretty much done! His room is decorated with Georgia Bulldogs and he loved did Emma Grace. He has bunkbeds that were my brothers when he was little and Emma Grace liked sitting on the bottom bunk while big brother was on the top.

After hanging at their new house for a bit, we all headed out to dinner with my dad and step mom. It was a great way to start off a much needed week off from school for all of us. Tomorrow I head to the doctor (my regular doc) for a yearly check up and a hair appointment later in the afternoon. At some point I have to get my house cleaned, do LOTS of laundry, and get ready to decorate for Christmas. Nick also has three days off this week (he had today off too!), so we plan to get some Christmas shopping done.

This morning we went to Sunday School in a new class and before the class started we met a couple that dealt with infertility issues for 7 years! They have one daughter who is now in college. It was great to hear her story. She talked about how she knew that it was in God's plan for them to be parents, she just didn't know how. They were very close to adopting and were finally able to conceive (with a few procedures) their one and only daughter.

Today we went and looked at a few houses. One of which we really loved but it had some major issues. Issues too big for our bank accounts ): Oh well...back to the drawing board! We did a little shopping this evening and went out to dinner. It was a great day!

I was talking to Nick about Brayden and Emma Grace and how sweet they were this weekend. It really confirmed a lot for me. First of all, I can manage two children...and pretty darn well! I am ready for a baby. I got a little teary talking with Nick and our situation and he asked me I was getting discouraged. I didn't know quite how to answer that. This morning we were studying Job in Sunday School and I was really convicted when talking about his trials and tribulations. No matter what, God is faithful and 100% in control. I see the blessings through the trials. I see and feel Him bringing us closer to him through this. Isn't it interesting that we tend to stray when things are SO good in our lives?? It is through the trials that see a bigger God. For that I am so thankful.

No, I don't think I am discouraged. I think I am ever more closer to our goal (a baby..or two (;...of course!) and to a deeper relationship with God. God wants us to be parents, that I know for sure. 

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