Thursday, March 29, 2012

10 Weeks

Well I was just as nervous today as I was for my first ultrasound!!

We got there right at 2 and had to wait about 20 minutes to be called back. I had to pee in a cup, check my weight, and my blood pressure. My blood pressure was a little low as usual and I had lost almost 10 pounds since the last visit...


I guess not eating much and feeling yucky will do that to ya, huh?

Next we had to wait a million years for the dreaded pap smear. That was terrible as usual. My doctor asked how I was feeling or if I had any questions and my first one was, "When is my ultrasound??". He just laughed and said that he knew I was going to ask that and normally they do not do one at this appointment...


He said it was no problem, but I might have to wait a little while and we both agreed that would be fine.

 We waiting a bit for my bloodwork and after that it felt like an eternity for the ultrasound. When we were finally called back (probably an hour after my bloodwork), the ultrasound tech asked if everything was ok, as she "just saw me the other day". We were like...huh? It's been four weeks! She called the doc and he just said it was because we requested it and no other reason. Weird.

The ultrasound was quick and went very well! We are measuring exactly 10 weeks and the heartbeat was nice and strong at 178!! At the last ultrasound the heartbeat was 138...what a difference!

There's our little one at 10 weeks! Keep growing baby!

I can honestly say we are feeling pretty blessed right now! God is SO good to us and always has been, even in the tough times.Thank you Lord!


  1. Kristen,
    Not sure how I ended up here... I think a infertility search on twitter that led me to you... somehow from another woman's blog. To back up, I am at a crossroads. We were just told that we won't be able to have a naturally made child... ugh. We have two boys and now we have secondary infertility. So, to come to your blog and see the first post titled "10 weeks" it made me smile. I just want to say that I will be thinking about you stranger and praying for your little miracle to make his or her journey into your loving arms!!! Congratulations!! -Selena

  2. I'm glad they gave you the extra ultrasound. A little bit of reasurance that all is well never hurt anyone.:) So happy for you.:)