Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First Ultrasound (-:

So today I was a hot mess. All day long. Not to mention I had to teach four one hour rotations back to back for writing boot camp and it is so exhausting! As it was getting closer, my nerves were working me over for sure. All I could think about was what has happened in the past. I mean it is all I know! I am not used to good news, it just doesn't seem to be for me!

I probably drove Nick crazy as we got closer to the hospital and even more so during our 45 minute wait to see the ultrasound tech. As the ultrasound started I pretty much held my breath. She told me to relax and before I knew it, I heard a heartbeat and saw our baby right where it was supposed to be! What a relief!

Praise God! We are thrilled! Our doctor was super excited and very impressed with the heartbeat (138) and ultrasound. I am measuring right at 7 weeks which is what I thought. I am not going off of my period date because I ovulated WAY late in my cycle.

Due date is October 25th!

I go back at the end of the month for all the bloodwork and another ultrasound. I can rest a little easier...but not much easier (-;

Thank you Lord for Your many blessings and thank you friends for your continued love, prayers, and support. You are the best!


  1. So excited for yall and praying daily for your lil blueberry!!!

  2. Praise God!! And that is a perfect due date.... My birthday! :)

    1. Thanks so much! I have a friend who has that birthday as well...how funny!! What is your due date? I was so glad to hear of your most recent ultrasound and everything going as it should. What a blessing!