Monday, January 2, 2012

Ok 2012...

Please be nice to me. That is all.

Well, it's official. I went to meet with a personal trainer at Get In Shape For Women and as of Wednesday of this week, I will be working with someone four days a week for the next six weeks, possibly the next year! I could not be more excited!!! It is going to expensive yes, but it is exactly what I need to lose the weight I need to lose. If and when we decide to go the IVF route, I want to be in great physical shape. This is a step in the right direction for sure!

When I went in today, I met with the owner and she walked me through what we would be doing today. I then went through the upper arms circuit and did about 20 minutes of cardio. It is all interval training. You do 30 minutes of strength training and 30 minutes of cardio. I didn't go through the entire workout today, but was able to get a great feel of what it's like.I also had an extensive interview and she made it very clear that they do not take everyone. I told her my fertility issues and how this meant way more to me than just "looking good in a swim suit". After our hour long conversation, she said she could see me in a frame on their wall with my success story (: And I believe that.

I know this is the best option for me because of the accountability and nutrition aspect of it. I have no problem working out! It is not that big of a hassle to me and most of the time I enjoy it! My metabolism is at a slug's pace and I don't eat like I need to. This program will hold me completely accountable for it all...not just working out. I will weigh in once a week for the first month and then once every two weeks after that.

I have to test for pregnancy this week and have mixed emotions about it. Of course I would be thrilled if two lines popped up, but I really, really want this. God is so very much in control and what should be, will be!  I am SO excited about this and ask for your prayers. I know it will be challenging but I am more than ready for it! I have a good feeling about 2012!


  1. I am soooooo excited for you! I know you will love the personal training, and the benefits you will reap in terms of overall health will outlast even a finite number of sessions with this trainer. Knowledge is power! Now, please take a look at acupuncture....