Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bullet Point Wednesday

I feel like blogging in bullet points today, so here we go!

* I am so proud of my husband! He got another promotion today at work to a larger store AND it is right down the road from our house!! This means more money and he is closer to home (:

* I love my new routine. I complain about it sometimes, but truly I love going to a personal trainer. There is really nothing like it when it comes to exercise and accountability!

* I have been really good with my eating. I am cooking Thrive approved recipes for dinner, having a Thrive approved lunch, but adding in another snack since I am working out so much. I need the extra protein.

* I am thankful for our church. We have joined a new Sunday school class, I have met 2 women that have shared their stories with me about past and present fertility issues, and I was invited to a women's bible study that will meet Tuesday nights! Did I mention two of the girls teach fifth grade?!? God is GOOD...and right on time.

* This time of year at school is stressful. All I think about is upcoming testing, what I will not fit in currriculum wise, and everything that needs to be done around me in my classroom. I am proud of myself though. I now leave school around 3:00 most days!! This is thanks to my new co-worker and BFF @lizkennelly-smith. She's the best and we are blessed to have her (:

* This is the time of the month where I start stressing a little more as I test everyday for ovulation. I am not stressing. I am testing, but not stressing. It feels good.

* I cannot WAIT for my ring to get here! It was too small so it has to be sized. It is already very special to me and I haven't even really worn it yet.

* Fertility issues are still tough, but I am very hopeful as of lately. I mean I have always been hopeful, but it feels different. I have no other choice but to trust in God's perfect plan and his perfect timing.

* Pray for us as I apply for several grants that will help us with our fertility journey if needed. I am trying to get our ducks in a row if in the next several months it is needed.

* I have made 3 recipes from Pinterest and hated them all. I will not give up though! On my next free day I might just make every. single. sweet recipe on my food board. Those recipes are taunting me...and so is my new Paula Deen cookbook that I got for Christmas...

* Tonight I made the BEST Cream Cheese Chicken Chili. SO yummy! I just might post the recipe because it is too good not to share!

*  I love my Kindle Fire. Like I am in LoVe with it! So convenient. So user friendly. Love. Love. Love.

Ok, that's enough for now! I really could keep going, but I will spare you (; 

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