Sunday, January 15, 2012


I had a great birthday! The day was celebrated at work with my wonderful co-workers and kids. My co-workers surprised me all day long with breakfast from Dunkin Donuts, popcorn and other snacks, my favorite Mexican meal for lunch, and red velvet cake during planning (: I am so thankful to work with such amazing people!!

My kids were super sweet too, giving me hugs and "Happy Birthdays!!" all day long (: They sang me happy birthday twice, made me a huge birthday card that all of the fifth graders signed, and many brought me sweet presents in. I can honestly say it was the best birthday celebration I have ever had at work!

Nick and I went out to eat at Ritter's for dinner later that night. Luckily we waited until later for dinner after a day full of eating yummy stuff! It was really good! He pulled out two jewelry boxes at the table pretty soon after we sat down. He asked me to open a certain one first, and when I did it was a men's ring.


I was super confused but he asked me to read the inside. I couldn't at all because it was super dark so he told me to go ahead and open the second box. It was a pretty girly ring (;  Inside it was engraved with a verse from 1 Samuel. He told me that he didn't want me to think that I was in this whole fertility thing alone, that it was just as important to him as it was to me. In 1 Samuel, Elkanah had two wives. One of his wives Peninnah had children, but his other wife Hannah did not have any. Hannah seemed to have a very private hurt as the scripture does not mention conversations with her husband, but only prayers and that she was anguished and grieving. Nick and I talked about the scripture and how we could relate to it. It was really sweet (:

Yep, that's it! It is so beautiful and means so much to me! We also talked about next steps in our journey to having a child. We have been joking that we should move to one of the states that covers fertility treatments. Did you know that there are many states that will cover up to 6 rounds of IVF if needed?? That's over $120,000!!! For now, I am going to apply for several grants. If we aren't pregnant by the end of spring, we are going to move forward with treatments.

We went to Target after dinner and I also got a Kindle Fire (: I love it!! We also bought a new bedspread with shams, new sheets, a new shower curtain with matching accessories, I got a new pair of pants and gloves, and a few other odds and ends for right at $100! Everything we bought ( - the Kindle..) was on clearance!

I cannot believe next year I will be 30! I am looking forward to my thirties, but it does make me nervous too. I pray that year 29 brings answers and possibly a little one to celebrate 30 with (;

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