Saturday, October 15, 2011

What a week!

This week has been...long. My fifth graders have had ITBS testing all week which makes for some super long days let me tell ya. Not to mention it rained a few of those so we were extra stir crazy..

Glucophage has honestly not been that bad! I have lost right at 5 pounds since Monday (hoping to sneak another one in their this weekend..)! I have been eating well and did not venture to exercise this week because i was afraid of how my body would react to the medicine with my sugar levels and all. Didn't want to scare folks and pass out in the middle of Zumba (;  I go from taking one 850 mg a day to 1700 mg a day starting tomorrow. Then things could get a little more interesting (:

Side effects this week:
1. Lack of appetite. I just. don't. want. to. eat. Like anything. I don't feel like eating until dinner time and even then I could go without. No worries, I am making myself eat lots of protein and veggies!
2. Headaches. Stress or medicine? Just can't tell.
3. A little bit nauseous. Just makes you feel kind of yucky!

Questions I have been asked:
1. So are you diabetic??  NO! Actually, sugar and insulin levels are one of the first things checked when someone is having trouble conceiving or is miscarrying. Women that have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) are prescribed Glucophage to stabilize the insulin levels. Did you know even the smallest amount if insulin resistence can cause a woman not to ovulate? My doc thinks this is why I was only ovulating every other month. That is why I am on Glucophage. To keep my insulin levels stable so that I will ovulate normally. Normal fasting insulin levels are 10 and below. My level was 16 and anything over 10 could show some insulin resistence.
2. Are you going to to IVF soon? That is a HUGE decision that the hubs and I have to pray over. We are tyring to figure it all out. It's $20,000. Did I mention it's $20,000?? Yes, there is financing. Yes, there are grants. I have looked into all of the options and been doing my research to the fullest extent. We meet back with the doc in a couple of weeks and will discuss it further.
3. Will you guys just keep trying naturally for awhile? That is also something we are considering. My doctor is not convinced that we can't conceive without IVF. She just knows that we have a much better chance with it as they can determine which eggs are viable and which ones are not. Should we wait for IVF for another year or two? I mean, I am 28? Just not sure..

I also want to mention the fact that God is very much in this plan. He is orchestrating our decisions and we go to Him for every move. I know with every part of my being that the Lord wants us to have children too. He will make a way!

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  1. Sara (Combs) LesleyOctober 15, 2011 at 9:51 AM


    Hope the Glucophage may do the trick!! It has shown some very promising potential in clinical trials with treating PCOS!! Praying for you :-)

    Sara Lesley