Sunday, October 9, 2011

Top Ten List

I thought this was funny so I had to repost...this was on a blog I found a few days ago! She put in the commentary (:

Top Ten Things You Do NOT Say To Someone With Infertility:

1. "You need to just relax. If you stop thinking about it, it'll happen. I know... take a vacation!"
Stop thinking about it?? So if a Dr. tells a sick patient, "stop thinking about your illness." they will instantly be cured?!?! oh and a vacation?? Really?? Cuz I've had my share of getaways and uh.. yea.. no pregnancy reports here. Maybe we didn't visit the designated "fertile" vacation spots!?? hmmm.. I'll have to ask my travel agent for these "hot spots".

2. "You should just adopt!"
Oh yeaaaa.. why didn't I think of that?? Where can I pick up the "easy" application, send it off and wait for my child in 7-10 business days ?? ugh.. --- IT'S A LONG, SUPER EXPENSIIIIIIIIVE PROCESS PEOPLE!!!!!

3. "You want kids? Take mine!"
Ohhhh you're TOO kind! I'll let you know, let me talk it over with the Mr. Yay!!! ---  Oh wait.. you weren't serious!!?? Then shut up!! No I dont want UR child!!

4. "There's probably a reason why you can't get pregnant/ or Things happen for a reason."
Wow.. you have a psychology degree too?!? Thank you for stating the obvious that there must be a reason why I can't get pregnant.. ur a genius!!

5. "Oh you're still young! Enjoy your "childless" years, just you and your hubby! If it's meant to be, then it'll happen!"
still young? Infertility doesn't care about age!! It will blast you at any age.

6. "My cousin adopted a baby and then one year later.. boom! She got pregnant!"
First see my answer for #2...  second.. WELL GOOD FOR UR COUSIN!!

7. "Have you tried acupuncture? Meditating? Herbs? Standing on your head after sex?"
Anything you could possibly think of.. we have tried. Plus most of them are just "wives tales".. who comes up with these things anyway?!?! But yea.. we've tried all sorts of things!! I'll show you the handouts if you'd like. You name it, we've most likely tried it.

8. "I wish I had that problem!! My husband just looks at me and I get pregnant.."
OKAAAAAAAAAYYYY  MRS DUGGAR! calm down!! ugh! maybe my husband should take "staring" lessons from your husband. He can show him a trick or two. geeeeez!  

9. "There are too many people in this world anyway!" < then do this fake little laugh like they want to be funny> 
ohhh no!!! Well heaven forbid I bring ONE extra person into this life. Let me go cancel all my appointments and be thankful that you gave me a popluation update. wait a second.. aren't you the one that told me your husband looks at you and you get knocked up?!?!? Stop over populating then!!! ugh!

10. "You're lucky.. you won't get huge or have those god awful pregnancy symptoms. Once you have a baby, you won't sleep for a looong time. You'll be tired all the time!"
well.. I HAVE gained weight actually.. I do experience nausea at times, my breasts hurt like crazy .. But that doesn't make me pregnant! So not only am I getting those "symptoms".. but I don't have a child as a result of that. Just extra pounds and pains! Ok.. yes..ur right.. that DOES make me feel better. And as far as not getting sleep... I'll sleep when I die, kapeeeesh??--  I WANT all that ok. I WANT to wake up with bags under my eyes. I WANT to be sooooo tired and just hand my baby over to my husband and ask for help. I'm READY for it.  

Sigh! <insert shoulder shrug here> ....
Some people just don't know.

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