Monday, October 24, 2011

Call from the Doc

I must have been tired today because in one moment I am watching Ghost Whisperer (yeah..not sure why on that one..) and the next I am waking up to my phone ringing at almost 6:00 pm! Good thing I have chili going on the stove.. I looked at the phone and saw that it was my doctor's office. I have been waiting on a call about my most recent bloodwork that was done. They did some sort of genetic testing that took three weeks to get back.

My doctor was calling to say that the results were in and everything is normal! Mine is normal, Nick's is normal...everything is NORMAL! She wants us to come in for an IVF consultation. I have not had a period since my last miscarriage and just got a "smiley face" yesterday on my OPK letting me know that I was about to ovulate. It sure did take a long time! Nick and I sat down to talk about what we should do. Do we keep trying? Do we try IVF?

Nick believes that we should just keep trying naturally and I kind of agree with him. I say kind of because I am the one having to lose babies over and over and part of me really does not want that to happen again. There are no guarantees with anything though. Adoption, IVF, trying guarantees. I think we will go and have the consult with Dr. Mitchell, talk to her about how we feel, and once again, go from there

We are going to keep praying about what the Lord would have us to do. Please pray for these upcoming decisions!

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