Friday, August 31, 2012

33 Weeks

I am a terrible blogger! Ugh. I so wanted to do better with this pregnancy and blogging, but the first half I was sick as a dog and the second half I just didn't feel like it...hah! Just wanted to update you on some things as we are turning that corner and moving into the last few weeks of pregnancy!!!

* At 29 weeks or so I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. The weird thing? I haven't changed my diet really at all, and my sugar levels have been normal. I visit a maternal fetal specialist every two weeks to show them my sugar chart (I have to check it 4 times a day...) and we get to have an ultrasound to see how Avery is growing! One danger with GD is that the baby can grow to be rather large. She is just fine and measuring right on track!

* At 31 weeks Avery measured 3 lbs 8oz! She is growing and growing!!

* I have felt fine and things are going great with the pregnancy! Since starting back to work, I have seen a little swelling in my feet and ankles and a little bit of pressure every now and then. Of course there is the whole not sleeping well, tossing and turning, and trying to get comfortable at night...but that just goes with the territory. My blood pressure is looking great!

* Avery is quite the little mover! Some of her movements are starting to feel uncomfortable as she grows and runs out of room in there. I know I will miss feeling her flipping around and kicking me (-: Weirdly enough she is very still when Nick tries to feel her. I mean she will be bouncing around and the minute he puts his hand on my stomach she stops! It's so weird!

* I have gained around 9-10 lbs now. I definitely hope to stay under 20!! I know the last few weeks can bring on the pounds though...

* We have had two baby showers with two more to go! We are getting the things we need and it is exciting!! I have another shower next weekend that my best friend Lindsey is hosting and then one for work that my lovely teammates and friends are hosting.

*Avery's room is coming together!! I put the bedding on the crib last weekend, hung up and put clothes away in the closet and drawers, and just need to do some washing this weekend! I ordered her name to be painted in letters by a very talented friend and can't wait to get them up on the wall! My cousin Chelsey and her husband gave us a printed wall decal with the verse from 1 Samuel 1:27 that says, "For this child I have prayed; and the Lord has granted me the desires of my heart". I can't wait to have it up as well! We are too scared to mess it up and haven't attempted yet (-:

We have certainly been very blessed in this pregnancy and continue to pray that God will continue to take good care of all of us until she arrives in October!

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