Monday, February 20, 2012

5 weeks 2 days

Feeling really blessed to have typed that up in the Title bar (-: Yes, I am well aware that I have a LONG way to go, but I'm feeling good and hopeful! I am having some symptoms, but nothing too crazy.

* sore chest...very, very sore...
* tired pretty much all the time
* have to use the bathroom it feels like every 10 minutes
* every now and then a twinge of nausea
* hungry every minute of the day

I am still trying to continue with my diet and exercise. I am still exercising 4 days a week and trying to eat healthily. The weekends are harder for eating as healthy as I want to, but I'm doing pretty good! I think the exercise is helping with the fatigue and I feel so much better after leaving the gym. I am so glad that I had five weeks of constant exercise and healthy eating to prepare me for this.

I am still over analyzing and scared at every little cramp or pull, but I know that it is all completely normal and trying to deal with it. Someone asked me the other day if I was letting myself get excited about this pregnancy and I can honestly say that I am not sure when that will happen. 12 weeks? 20 weeks? 24 weeks? Just not sure. We are taking it one day at a time because everyday for me being pregnant is a blessing.

Nick and I are without a kitchen for 3 weeks or so as ours is getting a makeover! It is exciting, but I just hope I can maintain my healthy eating. It is going to take some creativity for sure as of course cooking anything is not an option. Any creative ideas?!? As we speak I have spent most of my day off in the back bedroom with Sadie just relaxing and watching tv. It has been a much needed day of nothingness! Now to get ready to go to the gym in a couple of hours (-:


  1. Huge congrats to you!!! How cool that we are only one day apart! If you are interested, I am in a Pregnancy after Loss group and we would love to have you! Many of us are very recently pregnant and share many of the same hopes, dreams, and fears! We would love to have you! Again, congrats and many prayers are heading your way!

  2. Hey Maria! I would love to join! I tried, but it wouldn't let me because it is private. I could be doing something wrong too (-;