Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Avery is 1!

My sweet teeny tiny infant is teeny tiny no more. She's a big one year old! This year has been quite the whirlwind to say the least. A big move, leaving a job, getting used to a completely new life and lifestyle all while learning to mother my new baby?!? Crazy. But oh so fun it has been (-: Let me tell ya a little bit about my girl:

1. She is SO happy! Almost all the time. She loves to laugh at her doggy Sadie; and mommy and daddy too! She's such a smiley girl.
2. She loves kids! She literally goes crazy around big kids and I know we are in lots of trouble when he figures out the walking thing. She will be chasing them everywhere!
3. She loves to play and can entertain herself quite well! Most of the time she just wants to be in the floor with her toys and books and just explores on her own! 
4. She will eat anything! I am blessed with a great eater for now at least. It has been fun to give her new foods and watch her reaction as she tries them!
5. She talks all. day. long. In her own secret language.

She likes Mickey Mouse Club and Sofia the First on Disney. She says mama, dada, sissy (for Sadie), man man (for my mom), bye bye (which sometimes comes out as dye dye), uh oh, yeah, ow, hey, nana (she has a Texas and a Georgia nana) and a few more I'm sure I'm leaving out. She loves to give everything "love" right now and will cuddle anything. Even a pot holder she likes to play with. She goes right to bed with no fuss. We put her down wide awake and she cuddles her babydoll and goes right to sleep. She has been waking up lately to play in her bed here recently. She just talks and plays! But it's pretty loud.. (-: 

She loves to tell everyone "Hey!" in the grocery store or out shopping. I can hardly shop for people wanting to stop and continue the conversation with her. She loves it! She is a busy bee. Constantly on the move and getting into everything. She hasn't mastered walking yet, but is starting to try a little. She hasn't been interested at all until here just recently. 

The best thing about Avery is that she is ours! Never could I have imagined such a precious gift from God. I could write out a million more things about her. Avery Caroline you are an angel and everyone loves you so much! Happy first birthday sweet girl! Can't wait for year number two and all the fun we are going to have!

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