Saturday, September 7, 2013

I have SO much to tell you..

Let me just start out by saying how ridiculous it is that I haven't blogged in almost a YEAR! I really wanted to be that mom that blogged every minute of my baby girl's life, but obviously that did not happen (-; I do have so much to say, but for now I am just going to give you a little snippet of my life in the now so far and we will go from there. Sound good? 

* I had Avery in October of last year and a few weeks before she entered into the world, we were feeling a call to move to TEXAS! Crazy. We visited the church the first week of December when Avery was about 5 weeks old and loved it. I resigned from my teaching position, Nick quit Mattress Firm, we packed up our life in Marietta and headed to Bogata, Texas on January 10th, 2013. It has been quite the adventure so far and we are loving it! I am staying home with Avery right now and doing a little subbing on the side.

*Avery is over 10 months old and I am planning her first birthday party!!! What is happening?? She is growing like a little weed. This child is the sweetest. She is so good natured and hardly ever gets upset. Right now she is working on the walking thing, but momma is not pushing it (-; I don't want my baby to grow up.

* Being a stay at home mommy brings its challenges for me. I love being the one with my baby girl all day long, but sometimes I feel like am a terrible SAHM! Lol! Oh well...I know that's a normal feeling and I am working on it.

* We have made wonderful friends and family (our family away from family) here. It would have been SUPER hard for us being so far from everyone we love if the people here weren't so amazing. I thank the Lord for them daily. Actually I'm going to stop right now and thank Him again. Yep, they are that wonderful. The way people love on Avery just makes my heart very happy! Just thankful.

* Being away from family and friends. Well I'm not gonna's hard! Harder for me than Nick. Not that he doesn't miss people, he just stays a lot busier than I do. We all know the busier we get the more we can just adapt, adjust and keep on going! I have a good bit of time to just sit and think... Not good sometimes.

* Not being in a classroom is WEIRD! I will be honest. I was wanting some sort of change before God picked us up and moved us here. I just didn't know what that was?? I still don't know. Right now I am straightening out certification issues with Texas. They would issue me a certificate if I wanted to go teach tomorrow, but I would have to take and pass two different tests within a year. I do NOT want to take any tests!!! So that makes me re-evaluate which direction I want to go.. I miss teaching for sure...the actual in the classroom, teaching lessons, building relationships, making it fun and exciting for the kids and so on. You know the fun stuff (-:

* More babies?? That hasn't been too much of a conversation as of yet. It comes up every now and then, especially with Avery nearing a year old. Questions like should we start trying now? What if it takes as long as it did before? What if I miscarry again?? Will we keep trying then? I think we are pretty clear that one more will be plenty. Especially if things are difficult. Now the Lord could totally have other plans, but for now that's what we feel like should happen. If He says Avery is it..then we will be perfectly content with that too. His will not ours. Always.

I think what I will do is just take each of these "topics" and give you much more detail on each. That way I can get back in my groove. I miss this for sure and I am glad some of you have mentioned it and missed it too! Thanks for that! If and when the baby process starts again, you will be the first to know. It's just how I have to deal with all of it!

Now off to bed I go! We have an awesome Sunday lined up as our church has been in renovation mode for the past few months and it is our first Sunday back to normal and the big reveal! Exciting! 

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  1. I am thankful that you and your family have come into our lives. Your faith and devotion to the youth in our community is inspiring. God Bless!!!

    Stephanie presley.